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Proactive Defence for Your Property Against Timber Pests

Inclusions: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind with Comprehensive
Termite Inspections in Perth

As a Perth homeowner, the structural integrity of your home comes first. Termites, often unseen but potentially devastating, can compromise this integrity. That’s where our Termite Inspections Perth service steps in, offering you peace of mind and protection against these hidden invaders. We understand the unique challenges faced by Perth properties, and our inspections are tailored to meet these specific needs.

What’s Included in Our Termite Inspections?:

Thorough Property Assessment: We start with a comprehensive survey of your property, including both the interior and exterior. Our team meticulously inspects all potential termite hotspots, from your garden and fence lines to the foundation of your house.

Advanced Detection Technology:  Using advanced equipment and technology, including moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras, we detect termite presence and activity without invasive drilling or damage to your property. This technology ensures a precise and complete inspection.

Expert Inspection Team: Our termite inspectors are not only experienced but also continuously trained in the latest termite detection methods. They possess an in-depth understanding of termite behaviour, local species, and the Perth climate’s impact on infestations.

Detailed Inspection Report:  Post-inspection, you’ll receive an extensive report detailing our findings. This report includes photographic evidence, locations of potential termite activity or damage, and recommendations for termite management or treatment if necessary.

Preventive Advice and Solutions: Beyond identifying current problems, we offer advice on preventing future termite infestations. This might include environmental modifications, termite barriers, or regular monitoring solutions tailored to your property..

Customer Support and Follow-Up: We believe in building long-term relationships. After the inspection, our team remains available for any queries or further assistance you may need.

Don't wait for construction to impact your property.

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Understanding Termite Inspections Perth: Protecting Your Home from Hidden Risks

The Crucial Role of Termite Inspections in Home Maintenance
In Perth, termite inspections are not just a routine check-up; they are a critical defence against one of the most damaging threats to Australian homes. Termites can cause extensive structural damage, compromising the safety and value of your property before you even notice. Regular termite inspections help in early detection, preventing costly repairs and preserving the integrity of your home.

What Happens During a Termite Inspection?
A termite inspection involves a detailed examination of all areas of your property where termites are likely to live or enter. This includes the examination of the foundation, the roof void, sub-floor areas, and outdoor spaces like gardens and fences. Our inspectors use specialised equipment to detect termite activity and assess the risk factors. The inspection process is thorough yet non-invasive, ensuring your home remains undisturbed.

Why Termite Inspections are Essential for Perth Homeowners
Perth’s climate creates an ideal environment for termites. Without regular inspections, termite activity can go unnoticed for years, leading to irreversible damage. By scheduling regular termite inspections, you’re not only protecting your property but also ensuring peace of mind knowing your home is safe from these hidden invaders. It’s an essential step in home maintenance that every Perth homeowner should consider.

Proactive Termite Management
Understanding the risks and signs of termite activity is crucial. However, the expertise of a professional inspector is invaluable in identifying and mitigating these risks. Our Termite Inspections Perth service provides a comprehensive approach to termite management, offering expert advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs and the challenges of the Perth environment.

Our client reviews

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Courtenay Burn
Courtenay Burn
2 October 2023
As a settlement agent, I frequently read building inspection reports. When I needed my own inspection, I knew I could trust an inspection by Paul. He is extremely thorough, knowledgeable and provides a quality report. Thank you Paul for what seems like a thousand jobs well done. I would also like to mention that you have a great admin team behind you and their communication has been excellent.
Lejla Abaz
Lejla Abaz
26 September 2023
Well run business. Knowledgeable, comprehensive, prompt service and great communication. Highly recommend.
Karen Vi'Nova
Karen Vi'Nova
31 July 2023
I do not have the words to convey just how amazing these guys are. They have been super helpful in answering all of our questions, and never made us feel silly for asking the questions that we did. Building a home is one of the scariest things when you don't know what to look for in terms of defects. The detailed reports we received highlighted defects that we would never have picked up on our own, which enabled us to speak with our builder. Everyone I have dealt with has been super friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate in recommending Broad Building Inspections.
Gabby Wyndham
Gabby Wyndham
23 July 2023
Thank you to Paul and the team for your help! Working with BBI was such a pain-free experience, they delivered the service earlier than we expected and we received a report withing hours of the inspection. Paul was thorough and knowable and helped us feel confident in purchasing our first home! Massive thank you guys!
Christine Jones
Christine Jones
18 April 2023
My building inspection was organised within 24 hours of my enquiry. I received a complete and detailed report the same day of the inspection. Very impressed with Paul and the service provided.
Emma Mondello
Emma Mondello
3 April 2023
We hired Paul from Broad Building Inspections to conduct a building and pest inspection on our home. Due to the nature of what I do, I see building and pest reports frequently. Seeing our report, it was evident that Paul was very knowledgeable. Paul was also happy to answer any questions we had regarding what he was able to find and was very helpful guiding us on his recommendations going forward. His detailed reports, quick responses and professionalism is why I now refer Paul as I fully trust his exceptional service.
Nick Noble
Nick Noble
29 March 2023
Paul is absolutely on-the-ball holding builders to account. We have used him to inspect our build with what we know to be a quality builder but even they have tripped up a bit and Paul has been very clear and helpful on not only the issues but the rectification or allowances you can make. This is the third time Paul has been on one of our properties. He is a valued asset who we know we can call upon anytime to help. 100% recommended and if you think because your buying from a big name you don't need him, we suggest you do and live with peace of mind.
Cate Bridson
Cate Bridson
7 March 2023
Paul is an exceptional inspector who misses nothing with acute attention to detail and who keeps the builders fully accountable snapping at their heels through the entire process. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Sarah Klomp
Sarah Klomp
11 November 2022
Paul from broad building inspections was available anytime when I needed assistance. If I had any questions he was always happy to answer them. If I didn't have broad building inspection the building company would of done whatever they like. If I was to building again I would definitely use broad building inspections.
Paul from broad building inspections was available anytime when I needed assistance. If I had any questions he was always happy …

Sarah Klomp


Rose was very helpful with taking care of arranging my booking so last minute. And Paul done such a great job with the report, very thorough …

Tish Deane


Paul is an exceptional inspector who misses nothing with acute attention to detail and who keeps the builders fully accountable snapping at their …

Cate Bridson


Termite Inspections Perth - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A termite inspection is a comprehensive check of your property for termite presence and risks. It's crucial in Perth due to our region's high termite activity, helping to prevent extensive and costly damage.

Annual inspections are recommended. If you're in a high-risk area or have had previous termite issues, more frequent inspections may be advisable.

Inspections include a detailed assessment of both interior and exterior areas, including roof voids, sub-floors, and outdoor spaces, using advanced detection technology.

The time varies based on your property's size and complexity, typically up to one hour.

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Professional inspections are recommended. Our experts use specialised equipment and have expertise in identifying signs of termite activity.

If termites are detected, we provide a comprehensive report and recommend treatment options for eradication and future prevention.

Ensure access to all areas, including roof voids and sub-floors, for a complete inspection.

Yes, hence regular inspections and preventive measures are vital. We offer guidance on reducing future infestation risks.

We provide a range of treatment options to address any infestations and protect your property.

Book your Termite Inspection in Perth today and take the first step towards protecting your home.